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We believe everyone should have the right to choose from a variety of cannabis & cannabis related products. Eyespot was founded with a very special mission; to provide outstanding service and reliable access for all. Whether it’s online, in store or in the privacy of your own home, Eyespot creates a curated experience. From your favorite classics, to cutting edge products you didn’t know existed, you will always find what you need at Eyespot. Eyespot is dedicated to staying true to our mission and core values by setting a friendly, professional and knowledgeable industry standard. At Eyespot, it is the love of cannabis that connects us. Whether you are new to cannabinoids or a self proclaimed cannaseur, we strive to ensure that your time with us will be memorable.

The business of cannabis is changing and evolving in ways that may alter how we use cannabis in our everyday lives. Due to this sea of uncertainty, Eyespot is currently an invite only company.

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